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Dexter Comment on "Star Wars Force 7 Awakening": Political Infantilism = Seek Death
Mon, January 18, 2016

"Star Wars Force 7 Awakening" swept, Star Wars fans Tucao one of the hot, probably the group off the New Republic. FFXIV gil, "Force awakening" dig a lot of pits, such as Luke in the end there is no descendants, what is the origin of the big villain, why the New Republic faire empire residual party rebellion?

Before the advent of Star Wars 7 surrounding novels, comics, games, to EP6 "Return of the Jedi" story after multi Kingdoms, and the content has been no direct performance in the film, and therefore is called the Expanded Universe. Buy FFXIV gil,The new series of derivatives of the universe have some reference, but in order to avoid the loss of new, refurbished or almost Universe story structure. Imperial Remnant to be refreshed to be the first order, and the New Republic formed a strange coexistence situation. Complex political game there is implied, it is through the Star Wars series, a dark line.

Mainstream values ​​Galactic Republic is opposed to the militarization of the country, which is its unique "politically correct." In EP1 "The Phantom Menace" in a commercial organization "trade union" we could actually have an army, to bully the root seedlings of red republic to join the planet Naboo, but also in one fell swoop occupation. Cheap FFXIV gil,In EP2 "Attack of the Clones", the separatists gathered a large number of early robot army, if there is no conspiracy by prior arrangement clone army, and even the Old Republic will be completely unable to quell the rebellion. This is strange, precisely in the Republic endless.

Behind the Republic and the Empire regime lantern, evil takes all interbank and a series of business and industry, almost never unnoticed. For these forces, the movie has always been a band before, the surrounding works are mostly beating about the bush.

Depending justice suffering from the outer ring of the Old Republic has been turning a blind eye, because simple and cold-blooded: outer barren, lacks economic interests, and parliament were supported by Mr chaebol dominated, they do not care about the outer ring. When Parliament facts Trade Federation invasion of Naboo armed wrangling perfunctory, Palpatine made it very clear: "Parliament is full of some insatiable Members, they do not care about the interests of the people," "Supreme Chancellor does not provide any real power, but those corrupt officials of corruption in Parliament took the helm. "

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