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FIFA 16 reward model introduced
Sat, October 10, 2015

first on recruitment , recruitment minute " stand-alone " and "online" are two, I almost did not touch the stand-alone mode , are playing online , it said the following are some of the experiences online recruitment patterns.


Overall, recruitment mode for those who kick the league , players earn pump package because by calculation, recruitment is basically no loss . But especially for those who can recruit mode to save money, a few hundred league play well , then do not spend a penny , purely by saving money to buy players who are not suitable , because in the end you may find dozens of tickets kick , but Since winning the sad reminders , still not able to get what useful card .


1 , online recruitment patterns differ according to the streak , incentives are different .

1 win roll rough = 5000 Gold Pack x 2, 12 silver players pack x 1

2 wins and roll rough = 7500 Gold Pack x 1, 5000 Gold Pack x 2

3 wins roll rough = 15000 Gold Pack ( 22 cards , 7 flash gold ) x1,7500 pack x 2

4 wins sleep = nuclear package (12 players, 12 flash gold ) x 1,5000 Gold Pack x 1

We can simply calculate, approximately equal to 15,000 1 win gold , 2 wins, wins = = 20000,3 30000,4 wins = 55,000

2 wins fixed , reward is not entirely fixed .
Also winning streak , sometimes reward will be slightly different , but then I found that feeling and goal difference have some relationship , and once I score three wins and full of small , 1 : 0,1 : 0,1 : 0 this , Finally, given that 15000x1 + 7500x2, another occasion three wins all the big score , 4 : 0,5 : 1 this , the last 15,000 to the two packages , a 7500 package.
3 , different stages of match winning streak to rival , in principle streak and you approximate, based on the observation of the other players physically , may not be entirely accurate, basic play third , when your own players are physically 80 opening, then your opponents generally do not appear in full strength , and your team is roughly equal status , so I guess the matching mechanism and the winning streak a relationship.
4 , recruited the election formation of skills
( 1 ) as much as possible with the wing formation, because there is a great probability pumped C Ronaldo, Messi, horses and Bell , big inside .
( 2 ) when people try to pick the last election LB, RB and GK, first determine the other location , because the time to pick off the bench will give you vast number of LB, RB, GK, there is the chance to make up .
( 3 ) the degree of understanding of the connection before the field is not very important, but a chemical reaction in the backcourt if too low will move very back , which the C- flying mode, a chemical reaction 4 guard and not the same.
The best ( 4 ) formation is determined two leagues, not because of the start took a Messi, La Liga behind all doom to get players to time you will find two or three key positions that you can not touch the right person, the entire formation is finished.

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