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Guild Wars 2 win over the old version
Wed, September 05, 2012

As a gamer that spent nearly a year to complete penetrated all the story of Guild Wars 1, I reluctantly said, this game is not fit for me. I think it sometimes squeamish, sometimes too difficult, my feelings about the old version compared with other large-scale online games so profoundly. But when Guild Wars 2 appeared, I feel very pleased, not just kind of get the feeling of cheap guild wars 2 gold can be compared. And I will talk about the points that the GW2 win over the old version.

Guild Wars 2 made good heritage of the essence of the series, especially the magnificent world structure and those amazing landscape. And most importantly, as a sequel, it did the most important point: rid itself of the stale and taken in the fresh.

The old version’s action adapts to spend a lot of effort, especially over people from other online games. You can not jump, and the air wall is encountered anywhere frustrating things. Game Production Company not only learned a lesson, and went to the extreme. You hope no brain like a frog jumping? Nice! To see what our new jumping challenge! There are a variety of high platform diving! And a variety of you have the urge to go to a faith Leap!

Achievement system, also in Guild Wars 2 a better known as the title system, it is enough to mean. Perhaps in 2005, the players are also very easy to meet. But now it seems, it is simply boring people go crazy. The good news is that Guild Wars 2 achievements system easier for those of us without obsessive-compulsive disorder. Of course, there are some difficult achievements, but many natural games. I especially like the daily achievements set it so that every day you get substantial rewards, those rewards may not only Guild wars 2 gold.

I understand the first work itself is not a traditional massively multiplayer online game, a large copy of the system's application server operations easier. This system allows players often feel lonely; the game is more like a stand-alone game. No wild things in the game can players unite together. This is why the sequel to become a large open multiplayer online game is how important it is. This is to reflect the online social essence of the design, rather than you go it alone, to enjoy the game alone reward only is it easy for someone to buy GW2 Gold. A large-scale online games should always have the company of other players, and you can work together to explore the world.

So, the Guild Wars 2 is worth you play. Do not miss this great game!

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