Soul of the tree of freedom worthy of further study
Wed, September 14, 2011

In layman's terms with a professional, the soul of the tree of freedom is very high and very worthy of further study. Player points can be assigned to a single soul of all trees. Trees can also be assigned to 3 on the Rift system, particularly in the Public Quest system.

Rift is the place where the cracks opened by the player manually or naturally occurring. After this area is generated PQ area the public tasks. Death into life, fire water and wind soil of the six forces. War hammer OL with a public mission as divided into several stages, the completion of a reward.

Complete contents of the PQ reward the contribution ranking given to the participants. Top right corner of the map below is the progress and PQ status and points at this stage scoring table. Also earn rewards, such as rift gold. Scoring method is integral to every stage of the final sum of gold and silver bronze ranking. How to get high points do? Once on shore, you can get the props supporting the professional will use a one-time thing and some debris along with elements of refined class
Which received badges and the like (for example Source Stone) can buy reputation or call support and other props with cheap rift gold. Note: In fact, the levels involved will be able to get the good stuff. Place no matter when RIFT generated. Monster will begin towards the base camp or occupy the land attack and massacred NPC. Usually there will be a leader. As long as the killing led to complete these small PQ (not fixed PQ). But be careful to be hit dead, because most of the Boss. Complete as not to forgot according reward points.

When the offensive forces attack villages, destroy stone guard after win. It will be the guardian of the stone to build their own as the base. The NPC will be to the original but not until the players all won here. At this time no way to recharge, then the task, the task assigned, the value of the weakness to buy rift gold to buy the soul. Foothold of the monster will slowly over time through reduced blood volume. But some foothold with the rift will be the same as sending troops to attention.

Abuse of a game to do PVP, I definitely do not go RIFT playing really attracted me! Many villages have a life of stone, the small base there, the village has a mission NPC, therapists and the like of the NPC, but if the enemy destroyed the lives of stone. Do not doubt, NPC guards will be replaced with each other, and some of the elite monster often point to the invasion of these tasks. So you an on-line, not to continue to resist the invasion of monsters interfere with your next task is to occasionally see the opposite group to kill pulled over, the rebirth of rock ringing off the hook, into the other NPC.

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