Precision Shooting in Game Being Interesting
Wed, September 14, 2011

Grim Batol Dungeon task "to weaken the enemy" from Grim Batol reward items have a chance of treasures out of the gray goods "bearded one hundred treasured book," The book has been successfully deciphered. It records, including "Sandra Marr trigeminal Hu" and "fierce hammer chin stripe Hu", including the most popular style beard style. Palyers can experience kinds of styles with wow gold in the game.

Brutal Gladiator properties actually increase the precision shooting to avoid confusion. This category of equipment will be renamed in future releases the exact brutal Gladiator. Brutal Gladiator's master properties actually increase the precision in order to avoid confusion. This class of equipment will be renamed in future releases Gladiator for the cruel precision.

Mount Hyjal "escape Rabbit" did not see before because too fast result. In fact, it is to escape the female deer. Stranglethorn "valley seat Wolf" is a howling monkey disguised Valley. Tanaris "Desert chicken" is actually the true identity of a cat. Tiger Lily is herbal herbal goods re-identification of scholars, and the scientific name is Lily. Queen Wrynn of Stormwind monument text, queen full name should be "Stephen Ai Lian Wrynn." Players can buy gold in world of warcraft to see these in the game.

Twilight Highlands Alliance NPC Brent Dahl bile and tribal NPC Kuer Dan chisel steel teeth, the title should be related to forging business. Prestige interface "big disaster" category will be properly translated as "earth fission." If you are starting out in a region has been garbage, try to attach the bait rod. Spelling will be changed to "catch".

World of Warcraft from the beta to about 50's look, I have not shot, and then the Society has no forum at the official website of the forum occasionally to see, very strange how they shot, and talking with my colleagues at work. They told me that the key is by prtscr screenshot, which can then be pasted into the drawing-board, Save. This is my first shot of the method, this method has been used in the 30th last month. I got some cheap wow gold to learn this in the game.

I think if we do not disclose about this matter, I'm sorry his old those precious and beautiful memories. Although the past few days to know a kind of software can be very convenient one-key shots, and do not save, but I was quite used to those who miss the hand to capture the days of chaos chaos feet. In landing the game, I need to advance to the "Paint" opens. Then, first posted a picture, save it, I want to transfer out of the path to save to save screenshots in the game when you do not need to be temporarily stored images to find the path. (I did save it, because I can not find the screenshot after the file storage path) Even so, I need to switch the next game screen, a deposit and then return to the game.

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