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Wed, September 14, 2011

Raid finder and more: We are preparing to add some new features, including a copy of the team finder - find a teammate and as a player match of the underground city search function’s similar functions, and some for the Ai Zela Si travels on the Darkmoon Faire's great changes. With wow gold, players can enjoy the changes in the game.

We are very grateful to everyone's attention and support the game finished, and a warm welcome to express their views. Speaking of our team will continue in a positive reply in this forum within everyone's problem. Players can buy wow gold to solve this problem in the game. The following problem is we have collected, after the update will fix the problem:

Melting hardened source of quality: "Allows the miner to source quality ingot melting into a source of quality. Requires furnaces to be" Are amended to read, "It allows the miner to the source as a source of quality ore smelting ingot quality. Need to have the furnace in order to be conducted."

Melting Enchanting source of quality: "Allows the miner to move the source of quality ore and fuel source of soil quality to make a hardened ingot. Are amended to read, "Allows the miner to move fuel source and quality of ingot make a hardening of the source of soil quality ingots. It requires furnaces to be."

Jewelcrafting profession of "strong Shengbi Yu" will be changed to "storm jasper." Players can buy gold in world of warcraft to enjoy the fun in the game. Business skills panel "Create" button will be changed to "manufacture." Cooking Recipe: Lurker luncheon meat item description has error. Stamina 602 points should be 60 point, not 2.

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