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World of Warcraft update 7.2 arrived today to add new dungeons

29, 03, 2017

Blizzard Entertainment continues to update "World of Warcraft", buy WOW Gold online, and on March 28 released the next major update "the tomb of Sargeras". There are some new contents that can be done, including a new Dungeon, Battle PvP, a pet fight dungeon and new epic armor. These installs can be obtained through the task of the category.

You can also fly in broken islands, but you need to unlock Broken Isle Pathfinder, Part 2 Achievements to do this. Artifacts also see some new upgrades, including the ability to add authorization features, the final characteristics obtained through the task line, and the higher level of the current feature.

This does not include changes in professional, classic and other new features (such as the ability to track items and change options through new screens).

You can view the full patch notes here for more information. After the release of the Legion, buy cheap WOW Gold online, are you still playing World of Warcraft? Let us know in the comments.



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