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World of Warcraft Orc Frostkeep Studio

17, 03, 2017

Frostkeep Studios was quietly formed last year, but Irvine Studios, based in California, today announced the launch of the first project, buy WOW Gold online, a team-based survival game called Rend. The co-founders of the studio - Solomon Lee, Mat Milizia and Jeremy Wood - have a wealth of history; they work 15 years ago, "World of Warcraft" (World of Warcraft) work, they meet, and Wildbars Carbine Studios again, WildStar is one of the numerous WoW MMO members who have not captured the focus of the type from Blizzard.


Last week, a spokesman for the GamesIndustry.biz said the founders highlighted some of the lessons they learned from Blizzard and saw many unsuccessful attempts to steal the game's MMO crown.

"There is one thing that the type of survival is not now the MMO type is a WoW," Wood said. "The biggest survival game on the market is Ark: Survival Evolved. Obviously, the difference between Ark and the next game is not very similar to the difference between WoW and the next game, buy cheap WOW Gold online, and we do not have a huge giant.

It's kind of like the developer originally worked on World of Warcraft and saw EverQuest as a relatively new game style leader.



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