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Update: Elder Scrolls 6 Release date

08, 03, 2017

Elder Scrolls 5: The Sky Special Edition is a pleasant distraction, buy ESO Gold online, but the same ground step on one time.

This is the time of the scroll scroll 6.

Unfortunately, we may still have a long wait, in front of us next try Bethesda fantasy. Elder Scrolls 6 is currently a picture, mainly by rumors of rumors and internet speculation. But we have been digging you on the Internet to find many nonsense to see what makes sense. Here is everything we know, so far ...

We should be honest. In the follow-up to the horizon, the amount of official information can be written on the back of the Starbucks receipt.

The game has not even been officially present. So is that true? Of course

Elder Scrolls 5: The sky has sold more than 20 million copies, making it the most successful 20-year history of the game, and a huge range. Money needs it to exist.

Bethesda boss Todd Howard said in E3 2016 that Bethesda's internal studio was "Elder Scrolls 6" work, but the project was a "long way". Bethesda is currently working on seven other projects, two of which are larger than any previous project, neither of which is ES6.

Pete Hines, at the end of that month, buy cheap ESO Gold online, more seriously dispelled hope that the team did not work on the Scrolls 6, but they would make it one day.



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