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Star Wars: Old Republic Adjusts Directive Terms and Conditions

06, 03, 2017

Star Wars: The Old Republic is preparing to release Update 5.2. This will bring a long request to the fan that will be implemented through the command box. Basically, buy SWTOR Credits online, they are adjusting the rate of descent inside the gears. Obviously, some fans do not like the randomness of these crates making it less rewarding them. So, Bioware will allow some of the PVP and PVE events to give players better access to the type of gear they want.

In Update 5.2, the higher the level and order level, the more likely you are to get the legendary or artifacts. While the more common items will have a decline in their rate of decline. This is to try to get better things with less grinding and more experience opportunities.

These changes are not insignificant because Bioware actually outlines these drops in the current situation and the changes they will see in Update 5.2, these changes are real, but that does not mean that the player base is completely behind.

In fact, some players commented that while changes were appreciated, they wanted to know the exact RNG rate for each drop, buy cheap SWTOR Credits online, rather than being told that it was "medium-high rate of decline" and so on.

Player Reyenke said, "The distress is not specified RNG discard rate, no repeat of the slowdown.



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