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Star Wars: Old Republic - Updated updated ERSCHEINT IM APRIL

28, 03, 2017

Soon, the Star Wars: The Old Republic players will find fresh content when the update "The War for Iokath" appears,buy SWTOR Credits online.

You are playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, be on level 70 and you're bored because you've seen everything in the MMORPG? Then you can look forward to the 11th of April, because then the new content update 5.2, which bears the name "The War for Iokath" appears. The planet is the new site where the story of the Knights of the Eternal Throne continues. The Republic and Empire are fighting for a powerful super weapon. In addition to a whole series of story missions, Iokath offers more daily quests that will not only increase your reputation for your faction, but also bring you new armor, transport and pets.

In addition, you will receive support from Returning Companions in "The War for Iokath". On the side of the Republic is the former soldier escort Elara Dorne, members of the empire with the ex-Sith-warrior companion Malavai Quinn into the adventure. If you want to face a particularly great challenge in "The War for Iokath", you go to the new operation. Their final boss is the droid super weapon named Tyth, which is the action of the new episode of "Knights of the Eternal Throne". The instance will be playable in Story and Veteran mode. At a later stage, the even harder master mode is to be added.

Before the new content in Star Wars: The Old Republic will be playable, a bonus EP event will take place. The new content is intended for characters on the maximum level 70. If you have not yet reached this level, you will be pleased to receive a 250% bonus experience for all normal activities in Star Wars: The Old Republic by April 10th, buy cheap SWTOR Credits online. In the "Galactic Command" it is even 350 percent.


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