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07, 03, 2017

First, the Luck attribute is being adjusted. Initially, only the ring of fortune or luck syrup can determine your luck factor. But in March, three new rings, as well as new scrolls and more will achieve this more satisfying way. To make it a more important attribute, the RuneScape team is enhancing the enemies affected by Luck. In addition, the items you get will also be affected by the statistics, buy RS Gold online, more than ever.

According to the player's advice, Arc itself is changing. The new icon will be displayed, the main screen is undergoing some changes, and the new features of Arc Journal will be added. All to make sure you get the most information you can get from your RuneScape experience.

Added to the updated fun in March, there will be 5 new skills equipped. Now you will not be limited to just a treasure hunter. There will be one for divination, cooking, summon and prayer, as well as a very special shark equipment. In addition, the game landscape itself will change, including the pet's new interface and more. It will be a huge month, Jagex's leadership title, buy cheap RS Gold online, which is also considered the best browser-based MMO on the market.



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