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Nostalgic travel back to World of Warcraft

20, 03, 2017

This is the winter of 2010, World of Warcraft cataclysm expansion just released. After years of resistance, buy WOW Gold online, I finally decided to try Blizzard's MMO, like many before me, I could not drop the spell. I play a few hours every night, surprised by the size of the hook in the grinding. Then I'll stop. Maybe another game or i just feel bored, but obsessed mysteriously disappeared, my subscription expired, I left Azeroth behind.

Over the years, I have occasionally overcome with a strong desire to return. I remembered exploring and adventuring the winter, and I shared with my troll hunter. I finally fainted to see that I finally reached 20, unlocked my first seat. Such a speed! But as strong as this nostalgia, it will never be enough to re-install me - until now. Legion expansion was released in August 2016, reading a lot of positive things, including 90% of our own comments, I folded and decided to sneak into.

I load the game to see my blue skin troll grinning on the character selection screen, how do i leave him. It is like an old friend reunion. But because Blizzard in 2014 for most of the game updated the character model, he looks more handsome. I entered the game and found myself in a Goblin village, located in the snowy forest of the winter spring valley. Then suddenly, I had a vivid memory of the exact moment and I decided to stop playing this game.

In the day, I pushed the entire Ashenvale, Azshara and Felwood through the repeated diet of caffeine and pizza, buy cheap WOW Gold online, which is an example of the game's tabloid image. A shameful approach to computer game writers Owen Jones and I am in the "MMO" game player's city legend jumped into socks and avoid leaving their desk "poopsocking". But I must emphasize that we have never done that before. Well, I'm not anyway. ......



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