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NBA 2k17 Face Scan is better than you think!

15, 05, 2017

As most of us know that the Face Scan application for NBA 2k16 was pretty bad. It has been a frustrating feature for us 2k players since the feature was introduced in NBA 2k15. But, things looks good for NBA 2k17 as the developers promise a great update.

NBA 2k17 Game Face
NBA 2k17 Game Face
Brian Mazique for Forbes shared his story of how he spent eight hours to get his face right. He tells that if you are a bald black guy like him, there is no way to get your face correctly in NBA 2k16. He humors about how his face looked like a follicle challenged brother.

Ronnie 2k (Ronnie Singh) has hinted that this feature in NBA 2k17 is better than ever. As the game developer appeared in 2kTV, he assured the user to get a perfect application to get a perfect game face.

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Although, 2k introduce the feature in NBA 2k17, new Face Scan was introduced by EA not 2k and the Canadian developers did a better job than 2k to get the thing right. But, it seems like 2k have leveled the playing field as they are as good as EA games


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