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NAOKI Yoshida reveals the new details of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

13, 03, 2017

During PAX East in Boston, Naoki Yoshida of Square-Enix revealed new details of Stormblood, next expansion for Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, buy FFXIV Gils online, arriving in June on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Yoshida admitted he did not particularly love the Cleric Stance but despite this the option will remain active, albeit with some changes to the combat system. The next expansion will also remove the weekly restrictions on Alexander Savage and Dun Scaith, also in the future will be possible to visit the lands of Sharlayan.

With the arrival of Stormblood, Enochian will undergo profound changes, however, when there are no other details. The producer also confirmed that the team is working well for us updates Eternal Bond, the changes are expected to arrive with a future patch. Confirmed the possibility to climb very high structures and hard to reach, although these areas will be well hidden within the city of Kugane.

Naoki Yoshida He then focused on the dungeon, which will see the presence of seasonal events to keep the attention of the players, while there are no plans for new set bonuses for the raid equipment, at least for the moment. The raids will in any case, the arrival of new content but the team is not yet ready to reveal details. Finally, buy cheap FFXIV Gils online, it is revealed that the minor characters from the Final Fantasy XIV will receive more attention in Stormblood.



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