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How to use 2k ProAM for NBA 2k17?

01, 04, 2017


If you are looking for How to use 2k ProAM for NBA 2k17, then this article will help you to do it.buy NBA2K17 gold
Here, we will especially guide you on how to play ProAm walk on with friends. Recently many NBA fans are asking the solutions to it as they are uncertain about the way to use ProAm. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the way to use 2k ProAm.
How to use 2k ProAM for NBA 2k17?
In the menu section, click the 2K ProAM
Locate and click Free Agency among four distinct available sections. Actually, free agency enables you to connect with your friends.
Upon clicking it, NBA2K17 gold,you will need to sign in for the free agency
Once you sign it, list of your friends will appear on the list of free agency.
Likewise, make sure to form a team after you sign in for free agency. This way you can invite everyone. And then you can hit play as walk on. The walk on option can be seen in the menu while you are in team shoot around. Nevertheless, this is actually how to use 2k ProAM for NBA 2k17 to walk on with friends.



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