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Guild Wars 2: The Fortress of Penalty - Insight into the development of the team

14, 03, 2017

On the official website of Guild Wars 2, buy GW2 gold online, Arenanet recently gave an insight into the development and design of the raid challenge bastion of the penitent.

In an extensive developer blog, Arenanet recently gave an insight into the development and design of the Bastion of the Penitent, the current raid challenge of Guild Wars 2. There, for example, they reveal how they have developed the concept for the Mursaat-Supervisor, what Infinite History has to do with the development, and which original ideas have not brought it into play.

It is also interesting how the developers missed the design of the chess-fighting battle with the help of paper, wipes, felt-tip pens and a series of additional items. The following picture certainly says more than a thousand words:

For more information about limitations, original designs, or the duration of the development, please visit the developer blog. Are you interested in such background information or is it only important to you that the boss fights at the end of the day fun? More news, buy cheap GW2 gold online, guides and specials about Guild Wars 2 can be found on our theme page.



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