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Friday Grab Bag

23, 05, 2017


Happy Friday all (yay!)...following on from yesterday's Patch 1.123a notes, today's Grab Bag answers some feedback and questions from around the community!
If you have any curious game related questions for our DAOC Devs, don't forget to send them in through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.
Read on for the Grab Bag!
Will you be adding map points for the new ruined areas in Hadrian’s/Emain/Odin’s, and will these areas be capture-able or just as is with quests and objectives?
We will be updating the realmwar and normal zone maps so that these new additions are shown prior to patch 1.123 going live. Adding dynamic indicators will only happen if we do end up making them capturable points. For now, they are meant to be locations with quests and objectives but not capturable points. This is because we want to really focus on these areas being for smaller groups or individuals and not full-groups and battlegroups. Making them capturable lends more to the latter. That said, it’s not out of the question and we welcome any feedback on these new areas!
If you haven’t taken a look at them, you can find them at the following locations:
-South of Caer Berkstead up on the previously impassable terrain area in Hadrian’s Wall.
-East of Bledmeer Faste on top of the western-most plateau in Odin’s Gate.
-Between Dun Bolg and Dun Crauchon on the previously impassable terrain in Emain Macha.
With Celerity on Minstrel reaching 37%  as a chant, are there any plans to increase the Skald celerity?
The Minstrel’s celerity buff is not quite a chant. The Minstrel has to pull out their instrument, not get interrupted, and play the song (ala their mesmerisation song ability) before being able to swap back to their weapons and benefit from celerity for the remainder of the 15s duration (which is a minimal benefit on a 1-handed class). This mechanic is exactly how the other new Minstrel songs work as well. The Skald damage add + celerity is an always-on song. Right now, considering Skalds are a 2-handed class and given what else they received this version, we have no plans for upping the celerity value.
As per the notes: “Stealthed characters should update more frequently so that there is less “ghosting” of them when they go in and out of clip-range.”….. Will this have any impact on stealth detection?
Marginal, if at all. This is a bug fix where sometimes stealthed characters who left another player’s detection range would stick around for an extra 5-8 seconds in that location with their last known heading. This change essentially reduces that time to 2-3 seconds. Reducing it further would have an impact on detection, which is why we didn’t!
Can you please explain the reasoning on the Archer and Assassin changes?
With the introduction of the Use Limitations and adjustment made to ablatives values across the board, some of the damage openers needed to be toned down. This is why Perforate Artery and Critical Shot were both reduced in damage.
The removal of Called Shots was also partly related to the item changes but was mostly due to feedback requesting their removal and returning Critical Strikes to an opener and style-chain-based damage line.
Are we going to see changes to the classes mentioned previously that didn't make it into the 1.123A notes like Champion, Thane, Reaver, Valkyrie, Valewalker, etc?
Yes, patch 1.123 will have 2 major Pendragon versions prior to going live. The one yesterday was the first and the next one should include class changes for the mentioned classes in just a few short weeks. However, the changes will be a bit more minor in scope as most of them are already performing well at the moment.
That's it for today....see you on Pendragon! :)


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