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Final Fantasy XIV free trial is no longer limited to 14 days

30, 03, 2017

The long-awaited long-delayed "Final Fantasy 15" has brought patent rights. This includes the MMORPG version of the game. Final Fantasy XIV is about to enter a new chapter in life,  buy FFXIV Gils online, not only will introduce new places, but also introduce a new role class. In order to attract old and new veterans back, Square Enix gave up the 14-day limit, free to provide an account so that you play as long as possible until you reach the top hat.

Even the game, trial version or Demoware is not new, nor is it rare, but there are two in Final Fantasy XIV. In addition to the upper level, the FF XIV free account also has a due date. The free account within 14 days of the first character you created will expire, whether or not you reach Level 35.

This is a problem for interested gamers at several levels. One, unless you really spend 14 days, or you will not easily reach 35. But if you play 35, your enjoyment will be shortened after 14 days, preventing you from trying other classes or game features. Of course, the free account has other major limitations to keep the game's ecosystem balance, but the regular trial sounds unreasonable.

Policy changes are consistent with the most important chapters of the game. June 20, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood will be released, buy cheap FFXIV Gils online, which is the second major expansion since Realm Reborn "reboot". In addition to having a whole new continent to explore, the update will also add Red Master and Samurai courses.


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