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Blizzard off Mod, so that the story of World of Warcraft is better

31, 03, 2017

The task in World of Warcraft may be one. disease. In the early stages of the game, buy WOW Gold online, especially before you reach the most recent extension. World of Warcraft legend is a mode that can be improved through voice and more complex stories. I said "there will be" because it is good

Blizzard recently closed the early project because it would change something too much because of their preferences. See, the legend of Warcraft legend is ambitious, according to Blizzard's additional strategy, you can accept acceptable content. In short, MODs hosted by YouTuber BellularGaming will re-adjust WoW's 1-60 quests to change the way they are presented, but it is vital - will not change the way they play or what you will earn from them.

So, for example, there is an early task that takes you to a mine, take a look at the attractions and wonder why the video game is so obsessed with the mine. After installing the legend of Warcraft, you can still do this, rather than the whole story as a text wall, but to accept a voice interpretation of the introduction, and then, once you enter my mine, buy cheap WOW Gold online, you will hear a To the whole area of the little people will fill some gaps. "Our goal is to create a more contemplative contemplative immersive experience that will be released on a case-by-case basis, one by one," Bellular said in a news release. (Funded) allocated.


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