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  • Neverwinter Nights online game features:
    Fantasy Theme:
    According to the screenshot, the effect of Neverwinter Nights Online Game can be comparable to that of the platform game. The historical background of online game" Neverwinter Nights "occurred one century later than that of its PC game, when the whole Neverwinter world has experienced several cataclysms and changed greatly. So in the game " Neverwinter Nights OL ", players can see an extremely new " Neverwinter Town ". The developers said, " Neverwinter Town " will be the largest city of the online game history. In addition, this game uses the world's leading engine, and it not only has the international visual performance, but also will develop a new module of cold weapons collision simulation devoting to magic games and thousands of biological behavior simulation, which will make real sword world and sorcery one revert to the game.
    Unlocked battle mode:
    The person in charge of the Neverwinter Nights Online production team said in the foreign media interview, " making the

    Neverwinter Online Gold

    and become a comprehensive action RPG game changing from a large team RPG game, is what we think the most reasonable transition. " Therefore, although the game is still a traditional EU-US Department of MMORPG from nature, it also integrates many elements.
    For example, in the game it takes the class role TPS (third person) mode. In the game, players aim at the enemy through the screen of the prospective heart took, rather than the traditional RPG keys or mouse choices, so that it can greatly increase the combat initiative and telepresence; at the same time, players can see its every movement through the screen as a general bystander observing role injuries, surroundings and ballistic, which can enhance its capacity of sealing with all crises.
    Foundry: game player creating the world:
    Neverwinter Nights online PCG is a masterwork of the PC game ruled as " Dungeons and Dragons Online", whose core characteristics has been inherited and carried forward in online mode, and it used the Foundry -- a powerful set of tools to achieve the world's " creation" and " conception " from players. Game player can make " Neverwinter Nights Online" world in his own way, so we call it " game player creating the world ". With "Foundry", game player in the game can "create new content " , such as the establishment of the castle, forest, dungeon even city, to realize their own want to see, like the hero epic. In "

    Neverwinter Gold

    " ’s world outlook, they can create their own kingdom and legends, or share with friends and other game players, so that tens of thousands of people will adventure freely in your created legend.
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