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  • Different from the "call of duty" EA "battlefield" series, never become the pursuit of special purchases for the Spring Festival. In the years of grinding sword "battlefield 1" quickly became popular after EA, it is impossible to launch new works and crashing a crudely made the new "battlefield", so next year no new "battlefield" news actually as we expected. But this does not mean that EA in 2017 will not make the furnace, "Star Wars: the front 2" is desperate to seize the market.

    "Within a few years we will not launch a new field, but next year we will roll out Star Wars: the front 2." EA high level Jorgensen Blake quite straight in the first meeting of the intermediary Shao road.

    Speaking of "star wars battlefront", this game is also a typical gaokaidizou. While the 2015 Star Wars, "Star Wars: front" in no sale has attracted many game player and non game player's attention, short-term sales after the listing is a record number of new record. However, the relatively monotonous way of the game and an endless stream of BUG so that the long-term work of the work of a serious lack of stamina, a few months later disappeared in the sea of the sea. But even so, have the super brand "star wars battlefront" or sold 14 million copies, it is no wonder that EA and DICE are so willing to produce a sequel.

    As for the game content, Star Wars:The Old Republic Jorgensen Blake also in the meeting for us to do some introduction. "The" Star Wars "in 2: the front content will have a lot of new movie," Jorgensen said, "the fans enthusiasm for the" Star Wars "seems to never fade. After two weeks and will have a number of Star Wars: "rumors" release, fans are now restless. Next year, EA very much hope that we can bring a more substantial episode, more like the content of the game."

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